Sunday, August 4, 2013

the scratchy spot and the stinky day

i woke up and i was still at grandma and grandpa's house. my mom and dad think it will be the summer at grandma's.i shouldn't wine 'cause she makes awesome flapjacks.but she is making me less these days 'cause I'm getting ---- so she only makes me like two!first my neck itched then i waited till ten a.m. but mazzen my annoying pest of a brother wanted to show me something i mean I'd probably ignore but whatever. he showed me a video that we've seen a hundred times so i spent the whole day in the laundry basket hiding from mazzen or i call him mayhem but he falls to sleep at like 7pm.  Once I slept at 2:22am. 

My neck itched after I got out of the laundry basket, but when I looked in the mirror I shrieked! It looked like a pimple but it looked red because I was scratching it a lot.  Now I wish I had not done that.

After I got out of the bathroom, my mom and I took pictures of each other and it was really fun.  We are the two night owls in the family.

The day was not that great but at night it was really funny.  Then I wrote this blog that I found on mom's computer.  The only good part of today was my dad shaved off his beard.  If it got any bigger I think we'd call him "Santa Claus" because he's got a big beard, and since my dad is 44, his beard is starting to turn white.


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