Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm sorry I lied

I'm sorry I lied.  In a previous post I said that I would blog every night, but my mom had the computer and she started work a few days ago.  And I haven't gotten to see her lately.  A lot has happened the last time we spoke, but I guess I'm just going to write whenever I have the chance.  Meanwhile, today is my grandma and grandpa's 48th Anniversary (it's been hard for both of them).  And of course I came because I am living here - our house is being fixed until the end of the summer. 

There has been a lot that has happened but I do not remember.  I went to the beach on one day.  Grandma bought fortune cookies two days ago, and today is their 48th Anniversary.  That is all I remember.  You know, the weird thing is, everything we go to Newport Beach, we always go to...I don't want to say "junky" but it's not the best McDonald's, but the last time we went to Newport Beach my mom and I accidentally missed it (thank God) we went to Jack In the Box instead and I got a cooool Oreo shake. 

Oh I almost forgot.  At Jiu Jitsu (it's a martial art, unlike karate and Taekwondo) (I used to do Taekwondo and online karate) me and my brother were the last two at Dodgeball.  He won, like always.  I mean he does it all the time.  But I was just surprised that I was in the final two.  I'm not that good at Dodgeball, but there were a lot of people so I can't believe I was in the Final two. 

I ate the fortune cookies I was telling you about that Grandma bought at the $.99 Store.  I ate my cookie and read my fortune.  My fortune said that my night would be full of romance, but it never happened.  I thought it was stupid, so I ate another one and read my fortune.  And guess what?  That one said that a Longtime Admire Has Been Admiring You For Quite a Long Time and I said, "Give me a break!"

When Mazzen read his fortune, it said, "Wednesday is your lucky day!"  Not to be a party pooper or anything, but Wednesday is everyone's lucky day! 

I don't have enough time to write this blog but I was so angry about my stupid fortunes that never came true!  So that's why I did this! 

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