Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm sorry I lied

I'm sorry I lied.  In a previous post I said that I would blog every night, but my mom had the computer and she started work a few days ago.  And I haven't gotten to see her lately.  A lot has happened the last time we spoke, but I guess I'm just going to write whenever I have the chance.  Meanwhile, today is my grandma and grandpa's 48th Anniversary (it's been hard for both of them).  And of course I came because I am living here - our house is being fixed until the end of the summer. 

There has been a lot that has happened but I do not remember.  I went to the beach on one day.  Grandma bought fortune cookies two days ago, and today is their 48th Anniversary.  That is all I remember.  You know, the weird thing is, everything we go to Newport Beach, we always go to...I don't want to say "junky" but it's not the best McDonald's, but the last time we went to Newport Beach my mom and I accidentally missed it (thank God) we went to Jack In the Box instead and I got a cooool Oreo shake. 

Oh I almost forgot.  At Jiu Jitsu (it's a martial art, unlike karate and Taekwondo) (I used to do Taekwondo and online karate) me and my brother were the last two at Dodgeball.  He won, like always.  I mean he does it all the time.  But I was just surprised that I was in the final two.  I'm not that good at Dodgeball, but there were a lot of people so I can't believe I was in the Final two. 

I ate the fortune cookies I was telling you about that Grandma bought at the $.99 Store.  I ate my cookie and read my fortune.  My fortune said that my night would be full of romance, but it never happened.  I thought it was stupid, so I ate another one and read my fortune.  And guess what?  That one said that a Longtime Admire Has Been Admiring You For Quite a Long Time and I said, "Give me a break!"

When Mazzen read his fortune, it said, "Wednesday is your lucky day!"  Not to be a party pooper or anything, but Wednesday is everyone's lucky day! 

I don't have enough time to write this blog but I was so angry about my stupid fortunes that never came true!  So that's why I did this! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

i'm sorry i didn't do my blog last night

 So its 4:30 and so I'll be doing two blogs. its not like i forgot to do my blog last night because i didn't it's just that my mom and dad wanted me to go to sleep.

Monday, August 5, 2013

cas's 2013-2014 tips got to see at least one talking pet video. 2.only talking cats are cool. 3.DOGS R AWESOME! 4.if you have a crazy long beard shave it quick.

viral puppy

well i still cant get used too my dads shaved beard! i like it just not used too it. well i know i told you not to do this but i played dominoes well just not with my brother though.

After that me and my mom dropped Mazzen off at a Lego Engineering Club.  The place was so big I kept saying, "Echo!"  Then we went to my grandma on my mom's side's house but she is not there. She's going to Europe.

We came to get our dog Daisy, but I'm the only one who calls her "Dixie."  Personally I think that name suits her.  She made me think about the funny talking dog and cat videos on YouTube.  So I made a lot of videos.  I'm still working on some, but I bet when I'm done you can see them on YouTube.

Here is one of my favorite videos:

I know this is really off-topic, but I just want you to see a picture of my dad with his giant white beard cut off.  I'm so glad that thing is gone.  Well I guess everyone is glad that it is gone, especially his mom, the one that's letting us stay at her house the whole summer.


after i posted the picture above i ate some popcorn and none are burnt!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

cas's 2013-2014 tips

note 1.  Always get out of bed at 10am because you might need your beauty sleep. 
note 2.  Don't play army and dominoes with your younger brother. 
note 3.  It will always be fun to stay up until midnight and take photos of you and your mom. 
note 4.  Never scratch a pimple no matter how itchy it feels. 

the scratchy spot and the stinky day

i woke up and i was still at grandma and grandpa's house. my mom and dad think it will be the summer at grandma's.i shouldn't wine 'cause she makes awesome flapjacks.but she is making me less these days 'cause I'm getting ---- so she only makes me like two!first my neck itched then i waited till ten a.m. but mazzen my annoying pest of a brother wanted to show me something i mean I'd probably ignore but whatever. he showed me a video that we've seen a hundred times so i spent the whole day in the laundry basket hiding from mazzen or i call him mayhem but he falls to sleep at like 7pm.  Once I slept at 2:22am. 

My neck itched after I got out of the laundry basket, but when I looked in the mirror I shrieked! It looked like a pimple but it looked red because I was scratching it a lot.  Now I wish I had not done that.

After I got out of the bathroom, my mom and I took pictures of each other and it was really fun.  We are the two night owls in the family.

The day was not that great but at night it was really funny.  Then I wrote this blog that I found on mom's computer.  The only good part of today was my dad shaved off his beard.  If it got any bigger I think we'd call him "Santa Claus" because he's got a big beard, and since my dad is 44, his beard is starting to turn white.